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Corporate Planning & Project Portfolio Management

Skyemar Consulting Enables the Efficient Development & Execution of an Organization's Mission by Facilitating Strategic Priorities & Translation Into Near Term Goals
For Organizations That Want Better Clarity & Confidence

A unique holistic approach to developing & aligning corporate strategies & priorities:


  • ​Investment in a corporate planning & project portfolio management discipline

  • Development of a strategic plan that articulates vision, context and priorities 

  • Cascade of strategic priorities into tactical goals for the coming year

  • Development of project priorities aligned with resources

  • Alignment & execution of external opportunities

  • Implemented in a modular fashion to suit clients needs

  • Developed at corporate, business area, functional and/or group levels

Strategic Planning
  • Future horizon view

  • Strategic top down guidance

  • Strategic plan document

Aligned Operating Plans
  • Tactical goals

  • Cascaded into organization

  • Reviewed quarterly

Optimal Project
Portfolio Management
  • Portfolio roadmaps & priorities

  • Resource allocation

  • Portfolio management

External Evaluation & Execution
  • Licensing, partnerships and M&A evaluation

  • Phase-gate review

  • Structured diligence

  • A unique holistic approach

  • Comprehensive strategic plan

  • Aligned operating plans

  • Optimal project portfolio management​

  • External evaluation & execution

  • CEO’s and senior management developing corporate priorities & organizational alignment

  • Board of Directors and investors seeking better visibility into corporate strategies

  • Business area and functional leads developing & tracking vertical priorities

  • Venture capital and investment firms seeking better visibility into portfolio companies

  • Consulting firms and agencies

  • Organizations preparing to seek funding

  • Organizations experiencing significant growth and increased complexity

  • Start-ups aiming to develop a strategic plan

  • Organizations and PMO’s wanting to align portfolio priorities & resources

  • Project portfolio management software vendors

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