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A Unique Holistic Approach

Skyemar Consulting brings a unique holistic approach to developing and aligning corporate strategies & priorities enabling the most efficient development & execution of strategy.

  • Development of a strategic planning functional capability

  • Aligned strategic, operating, and project portfolio plans

  • Internal priorities aligned with external opportunities

  • Structured corporate cadence, forums, templates and deliverables

  • Effective iteration & communication throughout the organization

Comprehensive Strategic Plan
  • Future horizon view of long-term opportunities, gaps and risks

  • Development of strategic top down guidance – foundational for setting priorities for the strategic plan

  • Development of an annual strategic plan document articulating corporate, business area and functional priorities​​

  • Promotes visibility & communication of aligned priorities throughout the organization

  • Valuable for review by senior management and Board of Directors

Strategic Plan
Aligned Operating Plans
  • Operating plans enable the cascade of strategic priorities into corporate and senior management goals for the coming year

  • Essential for translating corporate priorities into tactical goals that can be communicated throughout the organization

  • Promotes cross functional visibility, alignment and accountability

  • Goals can be tracked and reported on a quarterly basis and used in end-of-year assessment

Optimal Project Portfolio Management 
  • Pipeline phase-gate reviews manage the product development pipeline

  • A core resource management capability enables total resource supply / demand modeling

  • An annual project portfolio plans document enables review & down-selection of priorities within and across business areas

  • Roll up of the portfolio status at quarterly reviews support & drive portfolio investment / prioritization decisions

  • Monthly portfolio reviews provide status summaries for ongoing projects in development

External Evaluation & Execution
  • Review of licensing, partnership and M&A opportunities

  • Phase-gated diligence to manage sourcing, evaluation, negotiation and execution / integration activities

  • Structured project background review

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